NEA: Biden’s Economic Recovery Plan Will Strengthen America’s Main Street Economy

“Trump seems to think that the economy starts and ends on Wall Street,” says NEA President

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García released the following statement on Joe Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ economic recovery plan, which he continued rolling out today by releasing The Biden Plan for Mobilizing American Talent and Heart to Create a 21st Century Caregiving and Education Workforce:

“Joe Biden understands that the challenges wrought by COVID-19 extend well beyond our public health systems. He knows the pandemic has shined a spotlight on the deep inequities in all aspects of our society and that simply going back to ‘normal’ would mean returning to a society and economy that left too many behind, especially in Black, Hispanic, and Native communities. That is why Biden’s ‘Build Back Better’ agenda is the right direction for the nation. This plan will build an inclusive economy that puts the interests of working people and families first, and invests in our caregiving and education workforce and infrastructure.

“Biden sees that caregivers and early childhood educators have been underpaid and undervalued for far too long, which is why his plan would give them a raise and stronger benefits, and dignity by treating them as the professionals they are. Biden’s investments in caregivers and early childhood educators, combined with his investments in our early childhood, K-12 public schools and community colleges, would put millions of Americans back to work.

“Donald Trump seems to think that the economy starts and end on Wall Street as he continues to stick his head in the sand while ignoring the toll that COVID-19 is taking on our country. Unlike Trump, Joe Biden understands that child care was already too expensive for too many Americans before this crisis. He knows that too many seniors have been forced into nursing homes because their families can’t afford or can’t find home healthcare.

“At a time when nearly 1 million educators already have been laid off and another 1 million could get pink slips unless the Senate acts now to pass the HEROES Act, Biden’s empathetic leadership and experience is exactly what we need in the White House to strengthen our Main Street economy.”