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Barack ObamaObama Surges as Americans Weigh Personal Financial Situations

Twenty-nine percent of Americans say that their personal financial situation will be better if Barack Obama wins next month's presidential election, compared with 20% who say their finances will be better off with a Mitt Romney victory, according to a new poll released today by (NYSE: RATE). That represents a significant change from early June, when a similar Bankrate poll found the two candidates in a dead heat with 21% of the vote apiece.

"Americans tend to overweight recent events when casting their votes," said Claes Bell, senior banking analyst, "Unexpectedly good job growth over the last few months may have helped boost support for President Obama. But with a little over three weeks remaining until Election Day, there's still plenty of time for additional twists and turns."

At present, 62% of Americans say that their personal financial situation is an important factor in their vote (up from 59% in June). Eleven percent say it is the single most important factor (down from 12% in June). Forty-five percent say that the outcome of the election won't have much of an effect on their personal financial situation (down from 50% in June).

The new survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International (PSRAI) and can be seen in its entirety here:



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